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Stanton Systems Sdn Bhd is an intrinsic component and key driving force within the Stanton Group’s manufacturing arm. The Stanton Group of Companies is a diversified conglomerate in manufacturing, property development and financial services, with its headquarters in Penang, Malaysia. Since it’s incorporation in 1994, Stanton Systems evolved into manufacturing chemically coated paper products for the reprographics, and inkjet media industries.

This paper division is now recognised as one of the most dynamic reprographics and paper coating centres in Southeast Asia. Exports represent 95% of the paper division's total sales, which speaks volumes on the stringent quality standards embodied in our company's products. Uncompromising quality standards form the nucleus of our manufacturing process, which has empowered the company to compete successfully on a global platform. The company is currently pursuing ISO-9002 accreditation in order to strengthen its total quality assurance programme.

Stanton's paper division has a network of subsidiaries and agents in place in several countries vis. Australia, Bangladesh, China (including Hong Kong and Macau), Mauritius, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand and the Middle East.

Approximately 6% of sales is spent on R&D to keep abreast of technological advances in the reprographics and colour inkjet media industries. Ancillary products to the IT industry are currently being developed, prototyped and test-marketed. Our main R&D aim is to adopt an innovative stance by recognising new ideas and changes, and be ready to implement them in a timely manner.